Anti-Stress Tips

Stress A u x i l i o !!!

The rhythm that exists in this our world leaves me without time. If we take this into account, we can accept that there is an outer time and another inner time.

It seems to us that some hours drag on endlessly. As children we were taught that the inner time and that of the clock is the same, so our perception is determined by the outer time. We live under pressure.

Looking for balance with anti-stress tips

We are going to stop hiding in the comfort of victimhood and we are going to take charge of our elections.

How to deal with Stress?

Stress appears when we think that we no longer own the situation.

We must LEAVE from being victims of the clock (outer time), to begin to be protagonists of our time (inner time).

The victim posture increases our feeling of helplessness: stress, pressure. Responsibility is key to recovering internal sovereignty, to understand, that ME I make my decisions in my life. Being available, for this learning, is vital to achieve the balance between inner rhythm and clock time (outer time).

Start NOW to de-stress !!!

Choose some time for yourself and dedicate it to yourself. Choose what you like the most: walking, doing yoga, meditation, painting, going for a massage, etc ... Finding your inner peace will help you to charge your batteries a lot and you will face life differently way, but yes, a piece of advice: whatever you do, do it with awareness. Is he SUCCESS of the result.

Anti-stress advice !!

  1. It seemed a nice place, lying down to be seated, as you want.
  2. Squint your eyes and you're going to take 7 very, very deep breaths.
  3. Take a breath, filling your lungs well.
  4. When you are completely full of air, hold it for 3 seconds and slowly, let go of everything. Let go of everything thinking that you are releasing tension, problems, fears ...
  5. If you do it as I have told you, you will feel what I have said before,you have done it with conscience. You see, what magic!
  6. How it works, always do it, that you can. Every day or every night. It's the same. You will remove a slab from above, that you have been dragging and that is very heavy. You will feel liberated, lighter.

Anti-stress tips work !!
Mariló Martínez
Marán Beauty Salon

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